Light Painting

Close encounters with the HP17


Coast recently sent me some of their latest flashlights to try out. I was excited about the HP17 because it looked like a good mix of power, size, and affordability. What’s the first thing I do with it? Tape it to my chest! (more…)

Manual Lenses: Balancing Fire and Sky

dennis calvert light painting
The light work is only half of the equation in a light painting. Making sure the location is visible is just as important, if not more so. Using bright lights or pyro make it tough to get a nice balanced exposure that really shows off your environment. This, in turn, can render your act of trespassing and wading through muddy snake ridden waters entirely pointless. (more…)

Kinlock Shelter

light painting tutorial

The above image is a long exposure shot as JPG and is straight from the camera. Here’s a walk through of how it was made. (more…)


industrial photography

A set of industrial images I recently created for PGI. (more…)

Munook – Making Fire Video


A recent music video I created for Munook. The entire thing was shot with a Canon 5DmkIII & 50mm f/1.4.


You can find these guys on facebook.

band photography (more…)

Band: Shallow Side

shallow side

New promo images for their upcoming 2013 tour. Last year they played along side for┬áMy Darkest Days, Trapt, Crossfade, Zack Myers of Shinedown, Fuel, Mark Tremonti, Sevendust, and several other acts. These guys are well on their way to being rock stars. You listen to their EP, which I also did the album art for, on bandcamp. (more…)


A few from an awesome shoot I did over the weekend with Somica.

alabama model photographer

Straight To Ale

light painting beer

Recent product shots for Straight To Ale. I used strobes rather than flashlights to light the bottles because I needed precise repeatable lighting from bottle to bottle. Sparklers, modified flashlights, and a variety of glows ticks were used for the light painting effects. (more…)

Abandoned Tennessee State Prison

abandoned tennessee state prison

My wife and I were allowed to photograph SAR training (search and rescue) and wander through the buildings at the abandoned Tennessee state prison. Besides photographing the training and the prison, we were also part of the training. We both were asked to hide in inside of buildings and a guard tower and the dogs practiced by seeking us out. It was very impressive. The day gave me a new appreciation of our local search and rescue teams. They are dedicated people who make a real difference in the community. (more…)