Light Painting

There’s something in the air…

Light Painting Snow

You can light up particles in the air for a snazzy effect. The photos below were done by shining a powerful focused light into the air in various weather conditions during a long exposure. You need a light source that outputs some major power to pull off the effect. I used a Coast HP21 and a 3000 lumen Stanley spotlight for these shots.

In all the photos but the last, the light was rotated at a central point and left on for 3-4 seconds in each position before shutting it off and pointing it at a different angle.

Light Painting Snow

Dense fog
light painting

Humid summer night
light painting

Flour was thrown into the air while the subject was back lit. All-purpose and self-rising seem to work the same 😉
light painting

  • Striking, shimmering photos and another cherished glimpse behind the curtain.

  • So flour is the spice…..hmmm. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kay O. Sweaver

    Good tip on the flour.