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Light Painting in Atlanta with DJ Kave (video)

light painting dj

Light Painting session with DJ Kave. Footage by Zac Long.

Road Tripping

December 29th 2010 I headed out on a road trip from Alabama to Colorado, taking a detour through Indianapolis to pick up Aaron Bauer. We made the trip to meet up with two other light painters who live on the other side of the country: Chris Renfro from Washington (aka Captian Blithering) & Todd Blaisdell from Alaska (aka BlaisOne).

This video is the first leg of the trip before leaving for Denver. I’ve been sitting on this video for almost a year now. I had forgotten about it and then came across the files while cleaning off some old cards the other day. There was more video shot once we made it to Denver. I’m putting that together now. Pardon the quality, it was mostly shot with a very old Canon Powershot 🙂

Music by Fancy Mike: